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Magazines about Porsche

This page is a listing of the Porsche specific magazines I’m aware of. What I’m hoping is that you, loyal reader, will see the list below and gently guide me to ones I might be missing. If you're interested in subscribing to any of these Porsche specific magazines I have provided a link to Amazon (as well as the Porsche Club of America for Panorama)

If there are any Porsche magazines missing from the list below, please let me know. I'm happy to add to my subscription list, review and add to the list.

Porsche Magazines

  • Excellence: The Magazine About Porsche

    "This is a great magazine for both owners and fans of Porsche. Bruce Anderson's columns alone are a good enough reason to purchase it. The mix of topics makes it a magazine for everyone; from reviews of the latest and greatest to articles on older Porsches which well within the reach of any enthusiast. I have subscribed for many years and can't conceive of it not arriving in my mailbox.

    The market section and owner reports make it invaluable for someone looking to purchase a Porsche (no one would sell one would they?), I have been trying hard not to to use excellent or excellence in this description, but quite frankly it is an excellent magazine! " as reviewed by M.J. Bauer on Amazon

  • Christophorus - English Edition

    "Christophorus is the "official" Porsche magazine published directly by the manufacturer. You can order a print subscription (5 issues per year) for $43. Or, if you don't mind being an issue behind, you can read almost the entire issue online here at Porsche's site. "

  • 911 & Porsche World

    "The Brits have a way of doing things that make us colonialists seem rather drab. My mechanic invited me to view this magazine, and I have been hooked since. Not only are the technical reviews quality, but you also have the opportunity to follow the joys, trials, and tribulations of actual owners as they drive and fuss over their Porsches. There are articles on racing, ralleys, clubs, and the cars themselves that are both practical, entertaining, and even inspiring. It reinvigorates the interest and joy in ownership that makes plunking down another thousand dollars for tires or repairs less than tiresome." as reviewed on Amazon by Keith A. Raymond.

    A word of caution on 911 & Porsche World. It is excellent and it is addicting. It is also expensive. For some reason, it is cheaper to purchase at the store vs. through Amazon. However, I found that the premium for the subscription was worth it as I was having a harder and harder time finding it and my local bookstore.

  • Total 911 Magazine
  • Total 911 is the definitive Porsche magazine for enthusiasts of the most iconic Porsche of them all – the 911. Total 911 celebrates the 911 in all its forms, from the classics of the 1960s to today's high-tech 200mph machines. As well as the cars, we feature the owners and find out why they are so enthusiastic about Porsche 911s.

  • Panorama (USA) See this post on why to join the PCA

    "PORSCHE PANORAMA, PCA's award-winning monthly magazine, covers everything Porsche, including road tests, new model news, classic Porsche salons, historical and restoration articles, free classified ads, extensive technical information and great pictures of our favorite cars. It's all here. Required reading for all Porsche enthusiasts!"