Does Your Garage Have Its Own Web-Site?

Jack Olsen's does! If you saw the video of Jack's 911 from Petrolicous you know who we're talking about. If not, follow that link we just gave you and go watch, then come back. Otherwise, keep reading.

jack olsen porsche garage

Shortly after Petrolicious published the video on Jack's 911 they did a follow up story about his garage and web-site that Jack's built for it. Rather than trying to explain it for you we would encourage you to read it in Jack's own words on his own site. Just look at the pictures below. You know there has to be a great story behind this. What did we find the most encouraging? He says he did it all, including the lift, for under $3500!

Jack Olsens 12 gauge garage

Jack Olsens 12 gauge garage



Check out the story and even more pictures for yourself at the 12-Gauge Garage.

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  1. Ronald Sieber says

    Very nice garage! However, many of us have more than one car and must make do with 2 stalls used for 2+ cars.

    I think a nice series could be produced featuring Porsche enthusiasts and their solutions. Maybe even tips on what works, where to get it, and how much it costs. Like: who makes that cool lift?


  2. says


    The lift isn’t an automotive lift at all. It’s a Vestil hydraulic lift table. They’re made in Indiana for industrial and warehouse use. As a rule, they aren’t a good home lift solution because they’re more expensive than most consumer lifts. And the flat table top is fine for an early 911’s flat belly pan, but the arms on a conventional scissors lift will work for more types of cars. But I found this one for $455 on Ebay and decided it would work really well for my application — which is working on my 911. If I had other cars to work on, the solution would probably be an automotive scissors lift in the same type of pit, but with a lip all around the edge for a sheet of 1″ plywood. That way you wouldn’t loose the floorspace, but would still have a lift at the ready.

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