Is The Porsche 911 Turbo S The Greatest All Weather Car That’s Ever Been?

911 turbo s evo leaderboad video

That's the question that evo's Jethro Bovingdon asks as he takes the Porsche 991 Turbo S to Anglesey circuit to pit the 911s 552 hp against the clock and "earn its place" on evo's leaderboard (their collection of lap-times for all the top sports cars). How does it fare against the Nissan GT-R? What about the Ferrari Speciale, or a Porsche 918 for …

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Use Your Apple Watch To Control Your Porsche

Porsche Car Connect Apple Watch demo

Porsche Car Connect (PCC) first came on the scene in 2014 with the Panamera S E Hybrid. Since then PCC is standard on all Porsche hybrid models and, as of model year 2015, optional on all other four-door models. Until now, if you were fortunate enough to have a model that supports PCC, your options were limited to your iPhone or Android based …

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Now You Can Buy Your Next Porsche At Walmart!

Hot Wheels Porsche Series 2015

As near as we can tell, the first Porsche Hot Wheels car was produced in 1975. Known as the P-911, this miniature Porsche was part of the Flying Colors lineup from Hot Wheels and stuck around in one way, shape or form until 2001. Since then, and in the years between 1975 and 2011, Hot Wheels parent company, Mattel, produced a number of Porsche …

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Porsche’s March 2015 Worldwide Deliveries By Country

charth showing Porsche's worldwide sales, by country, for March 2015

The number of new Porsches delivered each month continues on an upward trajectory. Overall, the company sold 20,222 new Porsches worldwide in March 2015 marking a 31.5% year-over-year increase. For the first quarter of 2015 a total of 51,102 Porsches were delivered, a 32%+ increase compared to the same period in 2014."In the first quarter …

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7 Porsche “Supercars” From 7 Different Decades

1997 Porsche 911 GT1

Wikipedia defines a "supercar" as a very expensive and high-performance sports car or grand tourer. Another definition, more comprehensive if you will, was sent to us a while back by a reader who thought a supercar was one that is in the top percentile of all cars from its era with regard to acceleration, top speed, braking and price. No matter …

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This Is How The Top Of The 2015 Porsche Boxster Spyder Operates

Boxster Spyder top operation

Ever since the introduction of the 2015 Porsche Boxster Spyder we've been inundated with questions about how the top functions. Most of you know that its operation is much easier than the previous generation, but weren't quite sure just how much easier. Fortunately, the video below will show you exactly what's involved.As you can see, …

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Patrick Dempsey’s Porsche Has A New Livery For The 2015 FIA WEC Season

Patrick Dempsey's 2015 WEC livery

The opening round of the 2015 FIA WEC season is just days away and we've already seen Porsche's new LMP1 livery designed especially for Le Mans. With just a little more than 3-days to go, Porsche is teasing another new livery, this time for Patrick Dempsey's 911 RSR.As most of you know, Dempsey confirmed he would run a full season in the …

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