RUF Unleashes Their New RCT, The Spiritual Successor To The Famed Yellowbird

The famed CTR Yellowbird was introduced to the world twenty-four years ago. Long time fans of RUF-built Porsches will be well familiar with that car, and will be excited to see a return to roots with their newest model, introduced at the Geneva Auto Show, the "RCT". This new 991 Carrera S based supercar has all of the elements of the RUF we all remember; one part Porsche, two parts insanity. The best part? It's outfitted in that classically eye-searing yellow they used on their first G-series based Yellowbird.

2014 RUF RCT Front

Just like the Yellowbird of the nineties, this RCT is a rear-wheel-drive narrow-bodied coupe that has had its power increased beyond the realm of necessary. The Carrera S 3.8 liter engine has been completely reworked to produce 525 horsepower (up from 400), and 502 lb/ft of torque (up from 325) thanks to some heavily modified internals, and a matched pair of intercooled turbochargers. The power increase allows the RCT (RUF Carrera Turbo) to sprint from zero to sixty in only 3.5 seconds, continuing on to 120 in only 10.8 seconds. This thing flies!

2014 RUF RCT Geneva Back

The ducktail-esque rear wing is said to help keep the rear end stable at speed, and supplies additional cooling air to the centrally mounted intercooler. The exhaust has been built bespoke for this car, naturally, and is said to be tuned to produce an "aural delight". If you so choose, RUF will build your RCT with their famous "Integrated Roll Cage", a number of unique suspension options, as well as a wide color palette of exterior paints and interior fabrics. If you aren't quite crazy enough to desire the rear wheel drive version of the RCT, RUF will allow you to order yours in all wheel drive as well.

I don't know about you, but I'm in love. Mr. Ruf, if you're reading this, lend us one for the weekend, and we'll do our best to recreate this iconic video with your new RCT.

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