This Video of Helmuth Bott’s Porsche 959 Prototype is a Must Watch

If you're a Porsche fan then you'll like the video below. If you're a 959 fan, then you'll love it! The content and quality are great. However, what I like, more than the subject or quality of the video itself is the fact that Brumos is starting to show off pieces of their collection.

brumos porsche collection

Helmuth Bott's Porsche 959 in the Brumos Collection

Up until now, Brumos would provide tours to select private groups, the Porsche Club of America, customers of the dealership and a few others. However, there was always one rule that held regardless of who you were. No pictures! With this video, for the first time, the general public is seeing inside the collection. We can only hope this is a sign of things to come. Having toured it ourselves, we can tell you it's a must see!

If the production values of the video look familiar to you that's because the video was produced by Frazer Spowart, the same man behind some of those great Porsche videos at Petrolicious. For now, we'll have to keep this as rumor, but hopefully can confirm it soon.

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  1. John Patterson says

    As a past member of the PCA Florida Crown Region (Jacksonville, FL), I had opportunities to see the Brumos Collection including the Bott 959, meet Peter Schutz, Don Leatherwood, and of course Hurley Haywood. Priceless.

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