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Will Porsche Build This Type 717, An All Electric Baby Panamera Designed To Compete With Tesla?

Porsche type 717 all electric model

Car Magazine's Georg Kacher published a story today about an all electric Porsche said to hit the market in 2019. The so called Type 717 is said to be an all-wheel drive, four door, all electric rival to Tesla. As most of you know, Porsche already produces a number of plug-in hybrids including the Cayenne, Panamera and 918 Spyder. However, this …

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Introducing the Porsche “Cayvan”. It’s a Cayman Station Wagon And Porsche Should Build It!

Porsche Cayman station wagon

Theophilus Chin has been chopping and rendering cars since at least January 2009. While I don't always like everything he does, the Porsche Cayman Station Wagon (a.k.a. the Porsche Cayvan) he posted earlier this week looks like something I wouldn't mind seeing come off the production line. If his work looks familiar that's because we've …

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Meet The Porsche 913. The Ferrari Fighter Porsche Should Build

Rendering of a Porsche 913

Porsche has several market prices in its current model lineup, but lets focus on the two top models for just a moment, ignoring the sedans and the SUVs. The 918 Spyder costs well over $800,000, and within spitting distance of $1,000,000 with the right options. The 911 Turbo S can be priced near $250,000 with the right boxes checked (admittedly, …

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Porsche’s Aerodynamic Concept Foreshadowed The 964 and 993 Models

aerodynamic concept 911

I love listening to Dieter Landenberger (head of the historical archives at the Porsche Museum) as he describes a Porsche in the collection. He always sounds just a touch out of breath making his enthusiasm and excitement contagious. In this video below, Dieter explains Porsche's aerodynamic study from 1984. This particular prototype 911 had an …

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The Porsche 965 V-8 Prototype

porsche 965 prototype

Many think that the 964 Turbo has the designation of 965, but they are wrong. As you can clearly see in the video below, the 965 model type is a prototype designed by Porsche to be a higher volume successor to the 959. Fitted with a watercooled V-8 engine borrowed from Audi, Porsche tested this mule extensively before ultimately killing the …

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Why Porsche Should Revive the Front Engine Sports Coupe

Porsche 921

Graphic designer Anthony Collard just answered the question that has been asked for nearly 20 years; 'What would a front engine Porsche revival look like?'  Since the end of 1995, Porsche has stuck strictly to rear and mid-engine chassis for their sports car lineup.  With the end of production of the 968 and 928 GTS in 1995, a piece of Porsche …

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Are The Rumors That Porsche Plans To Build An Off-Road ‘Safari’ Version Of The 911 True?

Picture posted on showing a scan of a magazine article said to feature a possible 911 'Safari' concept

Right around the Christmas holiday last week stories started popping up online about a 911 Safari concept. I don't know if it was the timing or the fact that the story seemed so far fetched, but it didn't get a lot of attention. According to Car and Driver, a magazine in Germany titled Motor Revue (a subsidiary of the much better known …

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Bertone’s Gorgeous 1966 911 Roadster

1966 Berton Porsche 911 black

Students of marketing understand that a truly successful product is one which fills a gap in the marketplace.  Something which answers a question asked by thousands.  When 356 production ended and was replaced in the market by the 911/912 pair, nearly everyone wanted to know when Porsche would again produce an open air version of their new sports …

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Driving the new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

While out at the LA Auto Show at the end of November, MotorTrend was given the unique opportunity to drive the new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo around Beverly Hills. Their review is worth a look for the detailed pics alone. Shortly after this drive Porsche broke out the video cameras and filmed the video below. Other than the …

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3 Porsche Wagons From Years Gone By

porsche 928 gts pickup

The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo isn't the first concept four door wagon to come out of Porsche (don't forget about the 1991 four door 928 concept shown below). However, to date, no Porsche has been built as a production version station wagon. However, there have been plenty of cargo type modification done on other Porsches. The …

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