Porsche vs. Train. Not Surprisingly, Train Wins! Porsche Doesn’t Survive…

The original report we saw suggested the driver of the Cayenne below was allegedly trying to beat the train across the tracks. However, the story was later amended to say that the 21-year-old driver was possibly "distracted" and didn't notice the railroad warning lights (or the giant freight train crossing the tracks) in front of him. As a result of this alleged distraction, the Cayenne plowed into the lead locomotive of the freight train as it crossed the road.

Porsche1.porsche cayenne hit by train

Miraculously, neither the driver (or his 16-year-old passenger) were injured. The Cayenne, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that the locomotive is reported to have suffered "moderate" damage to its left side. Must have been quite an impact...

Porsche2.porsche hit by train

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[Pictures and original story via Vinney Tennis & Vince Sullivan of the Daily Local News]

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  1. Petah says

    Distracted? Uh, huh…Sure. Did they recover a “device” or cellphone from the wreck? If so, there should be an electronic record of what the user was doing at the moment of impact…as well as the on-board black box. If the box shows the vehicle accelerating, they’ll know he/she was trying to beat the train.

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