Watch a Porsche Carrera Cup Race From a Very Interesting Perspective

It used to be that if you wanted to film yourself racing on the track you needed a full production crew, large cameras and guys with more balls than brains (or at least some serious courage) strapped to another car to capture you as you race on by.

steve mcqueen day of the champion camera car

Thankfully, for all involved, times have changed. There are now so many different types of small HD cameras that can be mounted, worn, carried, etc. that it's sometimes hard to choose (our favorite is definitely the GoPro). These cameras are now so ubiquitous at the track that we're constantly being inundated with new racing footage. As a result, we publish only the stuff we really like. The video below struck us not so much for the quality, but because of camera placement. This is the first time we've seen an entire video shot from a camera mounted under the motor of a Porsche Cup car. Great sound and great perspective.

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  1. Stefanos says

    Finally a truly NEW perspective + alternating from the driver’s seat view to simulate the sensation of what it’s really like to be in the race, complete with (gear determining) soundtrack !
    How many “amateur” videos have you paused and moved on to something else after watching for a few seconds and trying to figure out the action ?

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