This record was set by Wayne Gerdes, a hypermiling mastermind. Porsche claims that Gerdes spent the full trip driving at “normal speeds” and sometimes even a little faster. From my experience, a Taycan is at its most efficient around 75 to 80 miles per hour, so that checks out. It’s quite likely that Gerdes was using every bit of aerodynamic drafting as he could. If he found a semi truck running those speeds, it was probably more efficient to keep pace with that vehicle tucked in its aero wake than slower solo.

The car was an efficient Taycan with the larger Performance Battery Plus, with the added benefit of adaptive cruise control. That’s pretty much the ideal spec of Taycan for a cross-country drive. Gerdes claimed that on the first charge he watched the car zoom up from 6 percent to 82 percent in just 22 minutes! The record was set using Electrify America’s 350kW charging network, which is indeed the best one to use for a Taycan trip.

When you’re filling up your gas tank on a road trip, think about how long you’re actually at the gas station. It might only be a 6 or 7 minute fill up at the pump, but then you have to go inside to pick up a few snacks or use the facialities. Surely you’re stopped for 20 minutes or so. At that rate, there’s practically no disadvantage to a Taycan. Think about that!