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This Lowriding 356 Speedster Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today


Sometimes you fall in love with a car that eschews all driving dynamics in favor of absolutely stunning aesthetics. A piece like this transcends its function as transportation, and reaches the status of 'art'. This is no longer just a Porsche, it is the result of efforts that are intended primarily to be appreciated for its stunning …

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Video: A Family Tradition Of Outlaw 356s


Sometimes, in order to take things to the next level, you really need to take a few steps backward. Rod Emory has been building Porsche 356s for a long long time, and he uses technology from the days when the cars were new. With a family tradition of building hot rods and custom cars, Mr. Emory's 356 builds tend to be somewhat outside the norm of …

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Video: This Guy Built A Car-BQ Out Of A Porsche 356

steve stacey porsche 356 bbq

We first showed you a Porsche 356 Car-BQ a number of years ago, we had just found it for sale on ebay. At the time, despite a high bid of $7100, that 356 BBQ didn't sell. Today, we found the video below from Extreme Grillers. In it, we meet Steven Stacey, a collector of Porsche 356s. He goes on to explain how he was looking for a rear clip for a …

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Jack Griffin’s Outlaw Porsche 356


Jack Griffin's 356 Outlaw is something unique, as it is not only a one-year-only 1955 Continental, but it is also an exceedingly rare sunroof coupe body. His self ascribed "Beauty Queen" is "art on wheels", and is the car he would have built if he'd been in control of Porsche in 1955. As usual, Petrolicious produced an extraordinarily beautiful …

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Video: Jeff Zwart And His Gmünd – The Beginning


The Gmünd coupes are really the beginning for Porsche. Before they moved to Stuttgart, they were assembling these little sports coupes in an Austrian sawmill.Jeff Zwart is probably one of the most enthusiastic of Porschephiles, and he certainly recognized the history that is the Gmünd. In the video, he brings up an interesting point. The …

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Luciano Rupolo And His Adventures With Porsche #004

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 9.23.33 AM

Luciano is a lifelong automobile enthusiast, and judging by his collection, has quite eclectic tastes. He's got a number of oddball cars tucked in his garage, everything from a Ferrari to a Mini, and some relatively unknowns in the form of a Giannini, and an Iso Rivolta Competizione. The thing that interests us most, however, is his claim that he …

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Video: “A Sense Of Occasion” Driving A 356A Speedster

356A Speedster Petrolicious Video

It's been about a year since Petrolicious brought their deliciously produced videos onto the scene. They've been delivering excellent cinematography, stunningly beautiful cars, and delightful characters since then. Often, their videos will depict vintage Porsches and their owners. Their newest release is certainly in keeping with the …

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The Uniquely Custom Porsche 356s of the Taj Ma Garaj


Two weeks ago marked the tragic passing of one of the Porsche community's nicest and most charitable members in Mr. John Dixon. His collection, known as the Taj Ma Garaj, is one of the strangest assemblages of Porsche cars in the world.  We thought it would be fitting to commemorate the life of the man by taking a look at two of his most unique …

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John Willhoit of Willhoit Restoration on Jay Leno’s Garage

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 2.18.35 PM

Jay recently acquired a 1963 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 and decided to track down its previous owner. Upon making a few calls he found out that the person he bought it from, purchased it from the John Willhoit (of Willhoit Restorations) who previously owned it and restored it. In the video below John revisits the 356 for the first time since 1977 and …

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330hp Subaru-Powered 1959 356 Convertible D Open Road Racer


There are two large scale car companies in the world that have chosen to embrace the 180 degree flat layout engines; Porsche and Subaru. Where Porsche has placed their flat engines in the back, Subaru has stuck them up in front of their sedans and wagons for years. The flat layout offers a sound unlike any other, as the exhaust pulses tend to be …

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