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914_6 GT in Monte Carlo 1971_2

The idea was exquisitely simple. In the late 1960s, as Volkswagen sought to add a small sports car and the panache that would come with it to their product line, Porsche was looking for an entry level car within reach of enthusiasts not yet able to afford a 911. The solution worked out by Ferry Porsche and VW's Heinz Nordhoff appeared to meet …

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Attention 914-6 Owners: New Heat Exchangers Are Available Again!

Porsche 914-6 Exhaust Heat Exchangers

For decades now, people restoring Porsche's awesome 914-6 have been without a lot of options when it comes to replacing rotted out heat exchangers. The 914-6 heat exchangers are an interesting design, using what amounts to an equal length header system winding through a stamped steel covering to provide heat for the car. Unfortunately, German steel …

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This Is What A Turbocharged V8 Porsche 914 Looks And Sounds Like

porsche 914 ls1 swap

After purchasing this 914 as a project car, and determining that the cost for an original 914-6 replacement motor was too great, the owner, Mike De of New Zealand, decided to shoehorn a GM turbocharged LS1 V8 into the space normally reserved for a flat-four.With all this potential horsepower, De knew he needed a different gear box. After a …

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914 West Coast Ramble Invades Lake Tahoe


I've been a loud proponent of the 914 movement for quite a few years now. They are fantastic little cars that punch well above their weight class. They may not be the most powerful things in the world, but they certainly have more than made up for that in the handling department. When you can find a well-kept model without the car's unfortunate …

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1970 914-6: The Forgotten Porsche

the forgotten porsche 914 petrolicious

Why is the 914 treated with such apathy within the Porsche community? It is a brilliant car that handles much better than its 4-decade-old appearance would lead you to believe. The tiny two-seater, especially in 6-cylinder guise, as this one is, has to be one of the best driving cars Porsche ever produced, and in its day was a true force to be …

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Lightning Strike Garage Fire Claims Enthusiast’s Beloved 914


Aaron Gower, a Porsche enthusiast in Hickory, North Carolina, is mourning the passing of his beloved 914 [with thanks to Frank Barrett for his skills as an editor]. They say you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than you do of winning the lottery, but they never say anything about your car being struck by lightning. If Aaron can …

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Is The Porsche 914 Finally Getting The Respect It Deserves?

porsche 914 respect video

For decades most Porsche 914s sat on the sidelines watching as their more rarified bretheren got the lion's share of attention. Over the past 10 years pricing on air-cooled Porsches such as the 356, 930, 964 and 993s have skyrocketed, with much of the increase coming in the last two years alone. Meanwhile, 914s languished on the value sidelines; …

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Discover The Rare Porsche 914-6 GT

Porsche 914-6 GT video

Porsche recently started a new series on their youtube channel entitled, "Porsche Fascination". In each video a rare and interesting Porsche is showcased in detail. This particular video features a 1970 Porsche 914-6 GT, one of the first of its kind ever built. Owned and raced by Ernst Seiler 'The Hunter' it's one of only three with the wide …

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What’s the Best or Strangest Modified Porsche You Know Of?

red porsche 914 pick-up

When it comes to uniquely modified Porsches, we've seen our fair share. Examples we've posted about include a Porsche 944 station wagon, a tri-axle Porsche 928, a Cayenne plated in gold, a Turbo Porsche 356, a 914 with a small block 350 stuffed into it and other things we can't even explain. Good or bad, we're always on the lookout for something …

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Adding a Porsche 914 to the Garage

Recently, I sold my Mercedes CLK AMG Cabriolet and the resulting hole in the garage is getting bigger as the weather turns warm. In an attempt to assuage my need for open air driving I have looked at a number of 914s (love the big open targa top) and I'm close to making a purchase. The car in question is a 1973 914 1.7 liter. With all of 80 hp …

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