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10 Pieces Of Porsche Technology That Transferred From The Race Track To The Road

porsche technology transfer small

1. Ring Synchronization: Before there was PDK…Before there was Tiptronic…Before there was Synchronization, there was the legendary “crash-box” transmission. Drivers were expected to have the skills to match engine RPMs with transmission RPMs for each gear. That meant listening and feeling what the car was doing for ever gearshift made, especially …

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7 Porsche “Supercars” From 7 Different Decades

1997 Porsche 911 GT1

Wikipedia defines a "supercar" as a very expensive and high-performance sports car or grand tourer. Another definition, more comprehensive if you will, was sent to us a while back by a reader who thought a supercar was one that is in the top percentile of all cars from its era with regard to acceleration, top speed, braking and price. No matter …

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Consider Yourself A Porsche Aficionado? We Bet You Don’t Know These Obscure Porsche Terms.

Porche wedgeblade

When it comes to the world of Porsche, we know we're not experts, but after producing this site for nearly 8 years we've come to learn a lot. That's why, when we found a source of mostly obscure terms that even we weren't familiar with, we knew we had to share. I mean let's face it, when talking or reading about Porsche, and the nomenclature used …

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Did This Porsche Panamera Just Break The Ice Speed Record On Russia’s Lake Baikal?

porsche panamera ice speed record lake baikal 2015

Lake Baikal, the deepest and oldest freshwater lake in the world, sits in the Siberian region of Russia just north of the Mongolian border. Surrounded by mile high mountains, and subject to frequent tectonic movements, the 5000'+ deep lake is covered in ice up to 6.5' thick during the winter months. It was there, last week, that Mobil 1 made an …

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The 20 Most Popular Posts Of 2014

Best Porsche posts of 2014

Last week we looked back on 14 of Porsche's most significant moments in 2014. Now, with the year fully in our rear-view mirror, we thought we would check out what posts resonated with you the most in 2014 based on number of times you read them. In some instances there was overlap to the most significant moments. In others, its anyone's guess what …

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Let’s Take A Tour Of The Iconic Porsche Transporter Known As “Buster”

Porsche Transporter

Mercedes is known to only have made two of them and they were both for Porsche. One is owned by Porsche, this one, "Buster", is part of the Brumos Collection. Carrying everything from 910s to 956s in its cargo hold this Porsche transporter is said to have "struck the fear of God in other team's hearts". The transporter was the first thing that …

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62 GT3 Cup Cars + Le Mans + 45 Minutes = New World Record

Porsche record at Le Mans

Porsche's history in Le Mans is more storied than any other marque. The relationship began in 1951 when a Porsche 356 finished 20th overall. Nearly 20 years later Porsche took their first overall victory with a 917. Since then, they've gone on to make history with more wins than any other manufacture (16 total). And while their 2014 return might …

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Did You Know That the Porsche 991 Was Designed With A Pencil?

Porsche pencil sketch by Michael Mauer

There’s no question that the new 911 is a high-tech work of art, but it might surprise you to know that it owes something to a low-tech solution: a pencil. Design director Michael Mauer uses pencils almost obsessively, sketching away to relax and get the thought processes flowing. Computers speed up the design process, and he appreciates them, but …

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Did You Know Frank Lloyd Wright Designed One of Porsche’s First Showrooms in the US?

max hoffman porsche

UPDATE: 3-10-2013 We received this photo earlier in the week from one of our readers. Unfortunately, the showroom in this story was sold and gutted. It's being turned into a bank. What a waste.As Porsche enthusiasts, the majority of us likely know the story of Max Hoffman.  Often heralded as the originator of imported European sports cars …

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Watch and See How the Porsche Crest is Manufactured by Hand

Porsche Crest Made by Hand

There are a number of stories about the Porsche Crest. However, the most pervasive is the one about a meeting between Ferry Porsche and US importer Max Hoffman back in 1952. As the story goes, Hoffman suggested a crest to Ferry as a way to help sell the cars in the US. Ferry said, "If all you need is a badge, we can give you one too!" Legend has …

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