Magnus Walker’s 1972 Porsche 911 STR Explained

Magnus is back on Jay Leno's Garage with one of his newer creations; what he calls a 1972 911 STR. While most of you might know an STR as a Porsche Rally car, Maguns explains the STR moniker on his Porsche and what makes it different in this interview with Jay.

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  1. Lenny Deutsch says

    Just a minor bit of clarification, if I may. The web-site and explanation of the 911STR is unquestionably eye-candy for all those that thirst Porsche. Not to split hairs, but in wanting to keep explanations reasonably precise…the mirrors are in fact Porsche and not a MW invent. Though the original, of that size and type, was brushed aluminum and not polished or chromed in 1974, when they first appeared,(on the left side only!), they were in-fact Porsche in design.

    Two things: First seen In 1974, the 911 and 911S had brushed aluminum mirrors, the 911 Carrera of the same year, the mirror was painted black…secondly, the manufacturer of the mirror for Porsche, ONLY made a left side mirror. In later years, those that desired a r/s mirror of the same same design , had to twist the base, re weld and make a rubber gasket to attach to the door.

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