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The New Reality Of The 993 Turbo Market

new market prices for Porsche 993

Recently, the collector Porsche market has been going absolutely wild, and nowhere is that more evident than the valuation of particularly clean examples of the 993-generation 911 Turbo and Turbo S. These are cars that, just a few short years ago, could be purchased for a fraction of their current values, so why the sudden shift? Is this …

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Leh Keen And His Father Commission A Beautiful Rauh-Welt 993

Naginata RWB Leh Keen

American scientist Edwin H. Land was once famously quoted as saying "if anything is worth doing, it's worth doing to excess", and nobody follows that mantra quite like Japan's Akira Nakai, the Porsche fringe boutique artist behind Rauh-Welt Begriff. There is something beautiful about the concept of 'the car as art'. Cars are intrinsically …

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Here’s A Video Explaining Exactly How To Convert Your Porsche 993’s Headlights To HID

Convert Halogen to HID Porsche 993 DIY

If you own a Porsche 993 and aren't fortunate enough to have factory Litronics then you know just how weak the factory lights are for night driving. In fact, in my opinion, they're down right dangerous. One of the fastest, easiest and best upgrades you can do for your 993 is to convert to High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs. Not only is it a …

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Video: Evasive Highway Maneuvers Help This 993 Driver Avoid Contact

993 Avoids Collision

Driving peacefully along at around 120 kph on a French Autoroute in a Porsche 993 seems like one of the best activities for a sunny Sunday afternoon.  However, when it all goes wrong, it can instantly turn into a nightmare if you aren't paying close enough attention.  Thankfully, driver Augustin Kuntz had his wits about him when a couple of small …

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I’d Love To Be Able to Drift Our 993 Like This

porsche-stormtrooper.Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 12.12.14 PM

Anyone who's ever tried drifting knows it's not easy. However, Professional D1 driver Tetsuya Hibino makes it look that way in this video of him drifting a Porsche 993. Nothing else much to say here, the video pretty much speaks for itself. Enjoy!Other Porsche Blog Posts You Will Enjoy What Ken Block could do if he drove a …

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How Much Would You Pay for the “Perfect” Porsche 993?

Porsche 993 For Sale

UPDATE: The auction has ended an the high bid was $120,300. It remains to be seen if the deal will be consummated.That's the question that high bidder for the 1998 Porsche 993 C2S will need to answer in order to drive home with this low mileage example available for sale on eBay. As of the time we're writing this post there are 48 bids and …

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Video: Comparing the Porsche 993 GT2 Production Version to the Race Version

UPDATE: Seems like Porsche heard our complaints about not being able to hear the exhaust note. The new video below let's you hear the Porsche 993 GT2 in all its glory.Long time readers may remember the day we switched the name of the site from to Regardless of our logo, we haven't forgotten our root. That's …

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This is Possibly The Fastest Way to Go Through Tires on Your Porsche

Autocross not your thing? Driver's Ed a bit too tame for you? Have you considered drifting a Porsche? If so, JIC-Magic just might have your answer. Spotted on eBay is this 1996 Porsche 993 (Euro based lightweight) with a heavily modified 3.8 twin turbo motor and more modified suspension parts than you can shake a stick at. (If you can't view …

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Porsche 993 Owners Video

porsche 993 owners video

Like a lot of today's Porsche 993 owners I purchased my car used. I was very careful in my selection, did a lot of research, purchased a Porsche Buyers Guide and made sure the car had a very thorough service history. Amongst the things I was looking for to accompany my purchase was original documentation (window sticker, owners manual, etc.) …

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10 Things you Might not Have Known About Your Porsche 993

Every Porsche is a bit unique in that they have their own set of distinctive features and quirks that we as owners come to know and love (or hate) over time; the Porsche 993 is no exception. I’ve assembled below, from various sources, a list of the features about the 993 (some well known, others not so much.) If my list isn't complete, or you …

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