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Details On Porsche’s Track Precision App


Porsche's GT cars, such as the Cayman GT4, 911 GT3 RS or 911 GT3, are the gateway drug for many driver's track addiction. In fact, Porsche says that four out of five of all Porsche GTs ever built have been driven on the track at some point and that one in three owners take to the track in the first year to test the limits of their new Porsche and …

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Use Your Apple Watch To Control Your Porsche

Porsche Car Connect Apple Watch demo

Porsche Car Connect (PCC) first came on the scene in 2014 with the Panamera S E Hybrid. Since then PCC is standard on all Porsche hybrid models and, as of model year 2015, optional on all other four-door models. Until now, if you were fortunate enough to have a model that supports PCC, your options were limited to your iPhone or Android based …

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Porsche To Offer Apple Car Play For Future Models

apple car play coming to Porsche

With all the talk about self-driving cars and the dangers of mobile devices dominating the headlines, it appears there is some relief on the horizon.Rather than shunning communications technology or taking control away from the driver, Apple and Porsche are developing increasingly innovative solutions for the modern driver to stay in touch, …

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Porsche Introduces Rear Seat Entertainment Option For Cayenne, Macan and Panamera

Porsche Rear Seat Entertainment System

Growing up, our version of "rear seat entertainment" was a good game of Punch Buggy or I Spy. Today, it seems kids can't get out the driveway before firing up some type of electronic device. Hell, I've almost driven off the road myself after getting caught up in a movie playing on the rear seat screen in the minivan in front of me. I can't speak …

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Porsche Classic Offers Navigation Retrofit For Air-Cooled 911s And Other Models

interior of a classic 911 with navigation radio from Porsche Classic

Until now, if you wanted the convenience of a head-unit that offered navigation, Bluetooth and iPod/iPhone connectivity in your classic Porsche your choices were quite limited. Sure, you could cobble together a system using your phone, mounts, stand-alone GPS devices and alternative head-units, but in doing so you lose that all important factory …

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New Video From Porsche Explains The Sport Chrono Package

video explaining Porsches Sports Chrono Option

We're constantly being asked from readers about the features and benefits of various options available from Porsche. Perhaps the one most commonly asked about is the Sport Chrono Package. What does it do? What does it include? Is it worth the cost? The video below does a great job of answering the first two questions.Is it worth the …

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The Evolution of Porsche Keys

animation of Porsche keys through the years

For Porsche owners, the key to our beloved car is just as iconic as the car itself. If you're fortunate enough to be a multi-Porsche family (especially a family with varying generations of Porsches) then you know the look and shape of the key alone is enough to help you pick the right key for the right Porsche every time you head out for a drive. …

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Here’s How Porsche’s Rear Wheel Steering Works

video explaining Porsche's rear wheel steering

Up until now, all we've really seen about the rear wheel steering on Porsche's newest top end 911s is canned material. Yesterday, Elephant Racing posted this short little video below. In it you can see the active rear steering feature on the GT3 function while on a lift with the tires off.Fitted as a standard option on each new Porsche …

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What Do You Think These Leaked Patent Images From Porsche Show?

porsche wind deflector patent leak

Earlier today 4WheelNews published a story including images purporting to be patent sketches of a new removable wind deflector by Porsche. From what we can see I'm not sure I understand the use or if they are wind deflectors at all.The current wind deflector in the 991 cabriolet works perfect and at the touch of a button. Why would …

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New Details about Charging Technology for Porsche Models with Plug-in Hybrid Drive


Porsche is implementing a unique, integrated universal charging solution in conjunction with the introduction of the new 2014 Panamera S E Hybrid - which celebrated its world premiere at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. This solution covers all aspects of electric driving - from charging accessories to installation of infrastructure and even partial …

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