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Driver Profile – Who is Brendon Hartley?

Brendon Hartley

He's a Kiwi.  He's an embodiment of youthful exuberance.  He's a Porsche LMP1 Factory racing driver.Porsche's newest addition, in the form of Mr. Hartley, was something of an interesting announcement.  Even to people who follow endurance racing, Hartley would have been an outside bet to get the seat.  That isn't to say that he doesn't …

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Tuthill Porsche builds 911s for the East African Safari Classic Rally

911 tido tuthill (4)

Francis Tuthill recently dispatched their final selection of Porsche 911’s to Kenya to take part in this year’s East African Safari Classic Rally which will be held on Thursday 21st November. The company had built 16 cars from scratch in order to take part in the event.Competitors and spectators alike can look forward to an eclectic …

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Why Porsches are So Valuable


The iconic Porsche 356 sports car was launched in 1948, bearing the distinction of being the company's first full production car. Since then, the Porsche brand has grown to become one of the largest purveyors of luxury in the world. Driving a Porsche is aspirational, giving drivers the feeling of racetrack-quality power and handling ability on the …

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Must Have Porsche Accessories for 2013


Porsche is known for their attention to detail and high quality of craftsmanship. The latest range of accessories for today's top Porsche models is no different, offering an additional touch of luxury to enhance the driving experience and customise your car. The following are a few accessories that have been best-sellers this year, available from …

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Porsche’s best product placement campaigns


Product placement is now big business. From TV shows to the big screen, companies are aware of the power of film in establishing brand identity. Porsche is no exception. With a reputation for luxury living, Porsche models feature heavily in many popular movies and series. Iconic Porsche movies 1983 teen comedy Risky Business features the …

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Porsche: Driving a Superbrand


There's no-denying Porsche is one of the world's true super brands. When New York's Luxury Institute surveyed 1,642 affluent Americans to ask their preferred choice of luxury car makers, Porsche emerged as the clear winner. It received high marks for its attention to detail, strong focus and uniqueness in a competitive marketplace.In 2010, …

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Get Close to the Real Thing for Father’s Day


Finding the right Father's Day gift is always tough. If you have already exhausted all the standard options of a bottle of whiskey, a new tie or a wallet then you will need some inspiration. If your dad has a passion for Porsche, there are some options available to you that won't cost the world.There are a various smaller gifts you can buy …

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How to Clean Your Porsche’s Body Correctly

Your Porsche is your baby and requires daily attention which includes careful cleaning. Many owners insist on cleaning their own Porsches. This way the are fully responsible and no outsiders get a chance to mess anything up. It’s the same with your ‘real’ baby, you would always trust yourself to do a better job at feeding and bathing than a nanny …

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What’s in a Name?

The second we hear the name of something, we form a mental image of it. As a result, it's vitally important for car designers to portray the right image with their vehicle names, but sometimes they get it very, very wrong…When it comes to naming a new car design, a team will often start with around a thousand possible names, which will be …

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Different Porsches for Different Drivers

Cayenne S Hybrid front 3Q

Even for people who don’t know much about cars, the name Porsche brings to mind luxury and prestige. Given Porsche’s reputation, if you drive one, many people will associate you with such qualities. Although there are car lovers who drive their beautiful machines without concern for what anyone else thinks, you may be curious to know what the …

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