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Singer’s Simply Stunning 911 Targa


Singer Vehicle Design's legal department doesn't want you to call it a Singer Porsche, a Singer 911, a Singer Targa or anything else other than a "Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer" (presumably because Porsche themselves doesn't want Singer to). Names aside, this "reimagined" Targa speaks to me in a voice so much louder than other Porsches. It …

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Singer To Debut New Targa Model At Goodwood

Singer Targa

Singer Vehicle Design has been "reimagining" some of the most beautiful Porsches in the world for a few years now, using a gorgeous piece of artwork built by Porsche and taking it to another level. Their machines have been driving around my dreams since the first time I saw one. The quilted leather, the amazing paint, and the high-output big-bore …

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Previewing The Porsches Of The Bonhams’ Spa Classic Auction

Bonhams Spa Classic Auction

While RM is selling a Carrera RS over at Lake Como in Italy, Bonhams will have 9 great Porsche lots available for sale during the Spa Classic weekend. While the Porsche lots are fantastic, Bonhams also has some pretty amazing lots from English and Italian manufacturers as well. As collector car auctions go, this one appears to have something for …

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Porsche Debuts Targa 4 GTS At Detroit Auto Show


The Targa model of Porsche's lineup is turning 50 years old soon. To celebrate, Porsche decided to launch an all new higher-performance version of the 991 generation Targa model.Porsche's 991 Targa is a pretty trick piece of machinery with that interesting and complex folding hard top that retracts down below the rear window. The brushed …

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Confirmed: A Porsche 911 Targa Reimagined By Singer Is On The Way!

rendering of a Porsche Targa 911 Reimagnined by Singer

Last week we received an email from subscriber, and French Porsche blogger Thomas Schenck, with pictures showing what a Porsche 964 Targa might look like were it to be reimagined by Singer (that's Porsche lawyer speak for don't call it a Singer Porsche). As most of you know, Singer uses 964s as their donor car of choice. As the 964 was the last …

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Video: Tiff Needell And EVO Review The 2014 Porsche Targa 4S


In this new video from the Brit glossy rag EVO, vaunted racer-cum-journalist Tiff Needell debates the merits of the new Porsche Targa 4S. The newest bodystyle of 991 offers an excellently framed view of open-air motoring, but that comes at a cost. Is the Targa 4S a good value? How does the extra weight of the mechanically convoluted top mechanism …

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Porsche Confirms 911 Targa To Debut At NAIAS In Detroit

2014 Porsche 911 Targa

It's been rumored for months now, and we thought it to be true, but tonight Porsche confirmed to that the long awaited new 911 Targa will debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this coming January. No word yet on specs or how the targa mechanism itself will actually operate. Will it be removable? Retractable? …

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Calling all Cars! Calling all Cars!

the horn on a 1968 Porsche Police Car 911

We’ve all been there, trapped like a worm on the red and blue flashing hook.  We’ve all waited with bated breath as the ensnaring patrolman approaches.  We’ve all been subject to the nervous fidgeting and sweated brow that accompanies a traffic citation.  Chances are high that some of us have been pulled over IN a Porsche before, though chances are …

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Porsche 911 Limo For Sale… Again.

Porsche 993 limo

I remember when this Porsche 911 Limo first came up for sale back in 2011. Well, apparently it never sold (I can't imagine why) as it's back for sale again.How do we know it's the same one? Well, besides the fact that the pictures are the same, the description matches word for word. According to the listing, this is a 1983 Porsche 911 …

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RUF Greenster Revealed at Geneva

Big news from Ruf at the Geneva Motor Show. Alois Ruf, founder and head of Ruf Automobile, presented the final production version of the CTR-3, the Cayenne based Dakara and the RUF Greenster (their latest electric 911 based on the eRuf and a Porsche Targa).The New "Greenster" from Ruf based on the Original Porsche Targa and the eRufRuf …

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