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What’s Magnus Walker’s Real Business? How Does He Afford His Porsche Lifestyle? This Interview Answers That Question.

Magnus walker backstory video

By now, any Porsche fan not familiar with Magnus Walker is either living under a rock or intentionally avoiding him. While we've heard from a few who aren't fans, most we talk to, like us, really love Magnus. He's fascinating, genuine and generous. To date, most everything you've seen on Magnus focuses squarely on his Porsche collection, his …

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Video Takes Us Behind The Scenes At The Filming Of “The Porsche Design DNA”

Porsche design dna making of

Recently, Porsche released one of their typically slick videos – titled "The Porsche Design DNA" – describing their 21st century emphasis on design commonality across the brand’s several models, with the 911 still remaining its spiritual touchstone. Always well directed, shot, and edited and with music that evokes reverence and awe, the short film …

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Video: 997 GTS Brumos B59 #3’s Owner Story

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS B59 Brumos Hurley Haywood

Unlike the prior couple of B59 videos we've showcased before, which were produced by Brumos themselves, this particular video was done by and for Porsche's corporate YouTube channel. Interestingly, it was last year that we brought you the story of the uber-rare Carrera GTS B59 #3 that was for sale. Well, it's evidently resurfaced again as the star …

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2000 Mile Pilgrimage To Buy Cheap Porsche Becomes Epic Documentary

porsche pilgrimage video

How many of you would travel 2,000+ miles to buy a Porsche - the price of which seems too good to be true by at least half - sight unseen? My guess is not many of you. Now, how about doing it alone and with less than average mechanical skills? No takers? Well, that's exactly what Chris Rusby does when he finds a 1969 Porsche L for sale in Greece …

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This Is What Happens To A 911 Before Leaving The Plant In Zuffenhausen

video showing final quality checks at the Porsche 911 plant

Like the other videos we brought you earlier showing the Porsche 918 assembly line and the birth of a 911 engine this video eschews music or voice overs. Instead, it's the silent symphony of Porsche quality checks that resonate. What struck me the most about this video, besides the heavy armor worn by the GT3 at the beginning, was the …

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Watch This Beautifully Simple Porsche 911 Engine Assembly Line Video


There is beautiful simplicity in mechanical assembly. This is a process that absolutely must be done the exact same way every time, and there must be no variations in quality, and no parts of the process may be skipped or glazed over. Porsche has exacting specifications for their engines, and are quite particular about how the end result runs, …

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Video: Carving Canyons In Longhoods With Nicolas Hunziker and Chad McQueen


There are very few experiences in the world that are more fun than a romp through the canyons with a good friend in vintage 911s. A pair of R Gruppe cars driven by a pair of reasonably capable drivers, one bright orange 2.2 liter 250-ish horsepower ST clone driven by none other than Chad McQueen, and one little "white mouse", the personal "Sports …

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Want To Know More About R Gruppe? Watch This Video!


"The R Gruppe is a great group of very, very sick people who enjoy their Porsches."You know when a member of your Porsche club describes the club in such a way, it's going to be an enjoyable club to belong to, assuming you're ever asked to join. This band of self professed 'misfits' is absolutely obsessed with their 911s, and are dedicated to …

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Legendary Lineage Meets Legendary Driver – The Brumos Porsche B59 Story

Brumos Porsche B59 Video

UPDATE: One of the Brumos Porsche B59s is for sale!History was made back in 2011 when Brumos Porsche announced the creation of five rare, factory-built 911 Carrera GTS B59 Edition coupes built in honor of racing legend Hurley Haywood's amazing overall Daytona 24 Hour victory record. At the time, Haywood was the only racer to achieve five …

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Exploring The Porsche 911 GT1 In More Detail: Video

exploring the porsche 911 gt1 video

The last time I saw, or heard, a Porsche 911 GT1 on the track was just about two years ago when Porsche invited us to Barber Motorport Park in Birmingham for the final leg of the "Spirited Escape Road Trip" with the new Boxster. At the time, it seemed like Porsche was filming a new commercial for the Boxster due to all the historic Porsche's …

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