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10 Pieces Of Porsche Technology That Transferred From The Race Track To The Road

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1. Ring Synchronization: Before there was PDK…Before there was Tiptronic…Before there was Synchronization, there was the legendary “crash-box” transmission. Drivers were expected to have the skills to match engine RPMs with transmission RPMs for each gear. That meant listening and feeling what the car was doing for ever gearshift made, especially …

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2014 Bonhams’ Bond Street London Auction Results

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I'm a little embarrassed to say that I hadn't heard about this sale until after it'd already occurred. No matter, though, as this sale had four very nice Porsche cars up for bid, and while one was a no-sale, the rest of them sold for very good money. We're going to take a look at each of these cars in a little more depth and see if we can determine …

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Our Favorite Porsches On Ebay This Week


For all of the eccentric and eclectic Porsche collectors and enthusiasts out there, we've decided that it is about time someone aggregated the best of the best that eBay has to offer in the Porsches-for-sale department. We've tracked down five exciting Porsches for folks to purchase today, including a well known GT3 from SharkWerks, a strangely …

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2014 Monterey Porsche Auction Results


Well, the Monterey auctions have come and gone, and I have to say I wasn't really blown away by the numbers Porsche lots brought this time around, and only one lot really surprised me. There were certainly a few bargains had by savvy buyers, and some of the weekend's biggest Porsche lots were either "No Sales", or "No Shows". There were only a …

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The Ultimate Porsche Monterey Auction Preview

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It's that time of year again. The time where all of the most enthusiastic car guys make their annual pilgrimage to Monterey, California to the congregated celebrations of 'car week' on the coast. This year, those looking to pick up a 'new' old Porsche are in luck, as there are four (4) large auction houses looking to find new owners for a grand …

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XCAR Drives Our Teenage Fantasy Car: The Porsche 959


Porsche's 959 was the height of automotive technology in the late 1980s, and was the ultimate in excess. It was quick, it was fast, it was comfortable, it was expensive, it was gorgeous, and it was absolutely perfect. In its era, it was a part of a super-car renaissance. Much like we are experiencing today with Porsche's 918 Spyder, McLaren's P1, …

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Is The Porsche 918 Spyder The Spiritual Successor To The Legendary 959

918 Spyder Video

Porsche has a history of looking toward the future. They've been pioneering performance technology since the sixties, and don't show any sign of stopping. Whether it be the use of turbochargers in the early seventies, or the electric boost provided in the 918's acceleration range, Porsche is ahead of the curve. Whether on the race track or on the …

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2014 RM Monaco Auction Porsche Results


This year's RM Auctions Monaco event was nothing short of exceptional. There were a quintet of excellent Porsche lots, and Monaco is known as a place where the cash flows from hand to hand quite freely. All five Porsches brought a great hammer price, and none of them went unsold. Each Porsche sold to a new owner for their pre-auction estimate or …

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Gooding and RM Preview An Excellent Array Of Porsches For Amelia Island Sale


The 7th and 8th of March are going to be excellent days for Porsche collectors. In concurrence with the Amelia Island Concours, RM and Gooding will together be auctioning off a total of 19 significant vintage Porsches. The two-day Amelia Island sale, held in the terrific early spring weather of beautiful Northern Florida will play host to a large …

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Gooding Showcases Gorgeous Porsche 959 S For Sale


The 959 has long stood as the introduction to the modern supercar.  It introduced technological features that were unheard of in the automotive market, and provided an excellent platform for Porsche to prove their engineering mettle.  On top of that, Porsche's 959 was not only classically beautiful, but most importantly it was usable.  Most …

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