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Ring a Bell? Why hasn’t this 962 sold?

Derek Bell 962 Signature Series for sale

Have you always wanted to know the feeling of peering through the curved windshield of one of Porsche’s masterpiece prototypes?  Do you spend evenings wishing you were slamming the lengthy gear lever into place and waiting for the turbochargers to spool, propelling you toward the stratospheric upper end of the speedometer?  Do you fancy yourself a …

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Introducing Porsche Factoids

Drum roll please… Okay, that might be a bit much. Introducing the Porsche Factoid segment on This new monthly segment will be a list of unique and hopefully interesting facts exclusive to Porsche and various Porsche models. For a few of you Porchephiles in the audience some of this information may be as familiar to you as the build …

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